IWR 2011
Tretbootteam Duisburg Tretbootteam Duisburg
Hometown/Nationality Duisburg, Germany
Homepage tretboot.uni-duisburg.de
Of course, the naval architects of the inland outpost in Duisburg also hold a waterbike team. As a part of the Metazentrum, the TTD built its first boat, the ARGO, in 1986, followed by the Whiterbike in 1990 – even if they are not ridden anymore, they are still part of our fleet (in mind) and our furniture.
Nowadays the TTD is characterised by division of work – there are students who plan, students who build, students who ride and students who drink... well, several combinations of that are possible, too!
Close to Perfektion
Length 5,55m Close to Perfektion
Breadth 2,80m
Draft 0,5m
Weight 0,059t
Topspeed 10,7kn
Propulsion propeller
Year 1997
The Close to Perfection is the younger, lighter and faster sister of the KATastrophe – she kept the good characteristics an improved the bad ones. She is a young Oldie who reached an extraordinary 3th place in the overall ranking in Stettin 2010 with an age of 14 years. Like the KATastrophe it is one of the strongest boats in the competition.
But for all that the two boats get along very well, they are not green with envy but with starboard!
Length 5,55m KATastrophe
Breadth 2,89m
Draft 0,55m
Weight 0,1t
Topspeed 10kn
Propulsion propeller
Year 1993
She was our first attempt on twinhulls - and a success! Nevertheless she has been a KATastrophe from her keel laying on. To be nice, you could call her a diva, she is special to ride, but she still is one of the faster and especially stronger boats (what the results of Stettin in 2010 show). Both in Hollywood and in Duisburg, divas got plastic surgeries from time to time – we worked on it the last months.
Phoebastria Nigripes
Length 5,95m Phoebastria Nigripes
Breadth 0,85m
Draft 1m
Weight 45kg
Topspeed not tested
Propulsion propeller
Year 2005
Of course, an albatross is meant to fly, but as the building of a ship takes too long, a little bird cannot learn how to fly anymore. So we took this hull and taught (or let’s say modified) it at least to swim fast (we hope).
And if you ever watched “Bernhard & Bianca”, you will agree it is even better not to try to take off or alight an albatross...
Close to Clementinchen
Length 0,44m + Tug Close to Clemetinchen
Breadth 0,48m
Draft 0,04m
Weight 0,000424t
Topspeed as fast as the tug swimms
Propulsion one little pig and two paddle wheels
Year -
Close to Clementinchen is our baby-boat. She is the daughter of the Clementine of Hamburg and our Close to Perfection – they had an affair (or call it a collision) some time ago. In the town of Duisburg she grows and we hope she will be a champion soon. But as for now, she still is young and the only team member to really ride her is our mascot Schweini (with a little help of his friends)...
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