IWR 2011
Tretboot AG FH Flensburg FLENSBURG
Hometown/Nationality Flensburg, Germany
Homepage www.tretboot-flensburg.de
In 1987 in the most northern city of Germany - Flensburg – the seafarer students of the FH Flensburg founded the Tretboot AG to use the nearness of the University of Applied Science to the Flensburger Förde. Until now we build 6 boats, one of them (the "Flying Magic") was able to fly and is now located in the German museum in Munich.  It was the first flying waterbike for two persons. Today the members for the Tretboot AG are from all departments of the FH and owner of 3 boats. The "5 vor 12“, the „Fhuntastic" and the „Tigerduck“. These three boats are all equipped with different propulsion. The "5 vor 12“ have a paddle wheel, the „Fhuntastic“ have a 360° rotatable pod drive and the „Tigerduck“ have a propulsion that empathise a fin of whale.
As hometown of the delicious beer Flensburger Pils our best discipline is until now the „Secret Mission“..
Length about 2,5m tigerduck
Breadth 2m
Draft 0,5m to 0,8m
Weight about 80kg
Topspeed 27kn :)
Propulsion principle of a whale fin
Year 1993
The "Tigerduck" were build as a fun boat for the Duck-Regatta 1993 after the Jump boat developed from the Netherlands Team. It is our only boat which is constructed in wood, it is very easy to assemble and it is equipped with inconvenient propulsion. The propulsion is empathising a fin of a whale. To operate the boat the drivers have to „hop“ on the boat. In the upwards motion the fin flaps down and the boat moves forward. In the downwards motion the fin flaps up and the boat moves again forward. For a short time the "Tigerduck" has used a paddle wheel for propulsion (now used for the "5 vor 12"), but we decided to rebuilt the boat to its first state for the IWR 2000 in Flensburg. The "Tigerduck" is calculated for a top speed of 27 knots :).
5 vor 12
Length 5,6m dragonfly
Breadth 2,5m
Draft 0,20m
Weight about 80kg
Topspeed 9kn
Propulsion paddle wheel
Year 2000
The "5 vor 12" (engl.: "5 to 12") also were constructed for the IWR 2000 in Flensburg. It was completed 5 minutes to 12, which mean that the last works were done directly before the boat start the first discipline. The boat has a paddle wheel propulsion. A mechanism ensures that the paddles always par the water vertical. The catamaran offers space for two drivers and one case of (Flensburger) beer. In the last years we continuously update and upgrade this boat. The last progress were the installation of a twin steering gear, this will have a positive effect of the maneuverability of the boat. Also we apply a new red paint with white Shelby stripes.
Length 5,7m Aluminia
Breadth 2,2m
Draft 0,125m Hull / 0,4m propeller pod
Weight about 60kg
Topspeed 10kn
Propulsion 360° turnable propeller pod
Year 2000
The "Fhuntastic" were constructed for the interenational waterbike regatta (IWR) 2000 which take place in Flensburg. It is a catamaran with a 360° rotatable pod drive. That makes our boat very agile for the Forward-Stop-Backward and Slalom competition. For a good view of both drivers in both directions the position of the drivers is transversal to the boat. A short time our team thought about to make this boat flying like our first  boat „Flying Magic“, but this idea has been discarded and the attachment on the hull had been removed. Instead of this the boat is equipped with a new gear and new bearings. Also we apply a new red paint with white Shelby stripes.
Tigerduck - Tretboot AG FH Flensburg
5 vor 12 - Tretboot AG FH Flensburg
Fhuntastic - Tretboot AG FH Flensburg