IWR 2011
Riteh, Faculty of engineering in RIjeka RITEH
Hometown/Nationality Rijeka, Croatia
Homepage www.waterbike-rijeka.org
Riteh team was formed in December 2008., by a group of seven 3rd year students Before this team, there was another one which appear on waterbike regattas in 1999, 2000 and 2001. After this group of students had finished their faculty, there was no one to carry on the waterbike legacy. Although the first team built two boats, they were lost. First challenge was to built a new boat, so that they can participate in Rostock Regatta. The boat, Zvizda, was finished just hours before the regatta, and was ready to sail. In first regatta the overall performance was not great, 14th place. In 2010, 6 new crew members joined. In spite of their great will, only a few modifications on boat were made. Today, in 2011, team has 22 active members, under guidance of two professors. Backbones of the team are “old” members, those brave seven, for whom the Hamburg regatta will be the last one. For 2011 regatta, we constructed a new boat, which is our biggest achievement yet. Our intention is to maintain waterbike tradition even after all team members finish faculty, so that we can grow every year – in number of team members, appearances on regatta, number of boats, ETC
To be continued …
Length 5,06m Zvizda
Breadth 1,60m
Draft 0,12m
Weight 0,100t
Topspeed 7 knots
Propulsion azipod
Year 2009
Zvizda was built in 2009 by a group of enthusiastic students. Although she was built in a short period before Rostock Regatta, here robust configuration proved to be a trustworthy. Backbone of Zvizda, is one kayak, which was modified in width to have enough buoyancy. Configuration of Zvizda is typical catamaran. Two waterbikers sit on two bikes, whose rotating moment is assigned to azipod. For the Szczecin Regatta, she was a bit modified to recover from her “child diseases”. Main modification can be seen in extended width between hulls and new steering system. At the moment, she is facing another “facelift” in out Faculty.
Length 5,1m Kajzer
Breadth 1,85m
Draft 0,13m
Weight approx. 65kg
Topspeed N/A
Propulsion azipod
Year 2011
Kajzer is out new boat, whose launching is expected to be in middle of April. Kajzer will be a carbon made catamaran with aluminium structure. Development of a new boat started shortly after Szczecin Regatta. Full 3D model was made and structural analysis so that we can make a laminate plan. Development of propulsion and transmission system was fully developed by three team members under guidance of our professor. Hamburg Regatta will be hers first appearance.
Zvizda - Riteh, Faculty of engineering in Rijeka
Kajzer - Riteh, Faculty of engineering in Rijeka